Our Facilities


In addition to Multi Function Hall the school has fully equipped Mini Auditorium for in House Functions



The school has a separate and specious libraries for junior and senior. The senior school library has been fully computerized.



Frequent transfers of Air Force Personnel owing to the exigencies of service often disrupt the education of their children. In order to over come this problem, Girls’ Hostel was commissioned in Jul 1983 and accommodation for 37 girls was provided.

  • It’s a home away from home.
  • Congenial atmosphere for studies
  • Personal attention is provided to each students.
  • Well-balanced, varied and nutritious food is served.
  • Enough recreational facilities exist.

Sick Bay

The school has a well maintained Sick Bay managed by a full time doctor, a qualified Nurse and an attendant to provide the basic First Aid facilities to the students. In case of an emergency, the child is at once moved to the nearest hospital and the parents are immediately informed.
The hostellers are also looked after and if necessary, referred to SSQ (Race Course) for test, X-Ray etc. Annual Medical examination of al students is done and health cards are maintained.




In order to facilitate the students the school has provided an excellent cafeteria for students & staff.

Biotechnology Lab

AFBBS has fully equipped BIOTECHNOLOGY LAB with latest equipments like Agarose Gel electrophoresis , BOD-incubator and other glass apparatus for classes XI and XII . We have projector attached with our desktop which we use for demonstration of practicals and various power point presentation.


Biology Lab


AFBBS has two labs (Junior & Senior) will equiped with specimens, slides, chemicals, microscopes & other glass apparatus etc required for the experiments & demonstrations from classes VI to XII. We have projector, laptop to use CD, floppies & modules of the smart classes of Edu Comp. & Eureka to facilitate teaching

Chemistry Lab

Facilities for hands on experience in chemistry laboratory.
Junior class from VI – X has a separate laboratory which caters to the syllabus of the respective class.
Reagents (acids and bases) are neatly arranged on one side of the room. It is made accessible by a well- trained laboratory assistant to the students. Various experiments/activities is conducted to understand the properties and behavior of solutions and substances. Various charts, time table and list of experiments put on the walls for quick reference. The experiments are conducted with half batch of each section so that each students satisfies his curiosity.


Senior laboratory is well equipped for class XI & XII. There are most member of chemicals pertaining to the syllabus. Reagents are placed on the rack for the accessibility of each student. Common reagents are placed on either side of the room so that crowding is prevented.
Projector with laptop is provided to facilitate learning and up date scientific learning.
Equipments for titration for each student is provided which by doming satisfies the child’s curiosity of theoretical learning. A separate balance room is provided which facilitates each student to measure / weigh minutely and correctly.
Variety of charts are placed of different scientist, first aid, periodic table which motivates and helps in quick reference.
Laboratory assistant and laboratory attendant facilitates monitoring correct usage of chemicals, Behavioral problems etc, accessibility to chemicals in time.


In Math of our school students get hands on experience of exploring the concepts of Mathematics studied in class using paper cutting and pasting and tangrams of different shapes.
Models of all shapes & almost all solid figure and based on almost all mathematical concepts of secondary stage are available in lab for student’s reference.
There is a laptop with software related to Math practical a proctor and a LCD screen to virtually show an activity to students.
Our Maths lab is very well equipped as per the latest advancements in technology.

Computer & Cal Lab

The school recognizes the key role that Computer play in today’s world. Computers helps students develop a mathematical and scientific approach towards problem solving. With this in mind the school emphasis is on developing computing skills and making computers useful and usable in our day to day activity.
The school is committed to ensuring that students have access to the necessary tools and support required, for which the school has a total of three well equipped and uptodate comuter labs.
Senior Computer Science Lab for classes XI and XII
Middle Computer Lab for classes VI to X


The junior school has a separate computer lab for classes KG to V. Computer education is imparted to students from classes KG to XII.


An additional computer lab with computer, projector, interactive board and subjective classwise software has been set-up wef current academic session. This is a project based learning system and the students will have the following benefits

  • Opportunity to apply knowledge gained in classroom
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Learning to work in groups


The following gadgets have been provided in each and every class. The Smart Class Concept aims at facilitating availability of digital content in the classroom. The project is running successfully. In addition to above Eureka in 5.0 Educational software for classes I to XII (in Science & Maths) has also been provided.

  • An interactive board
  • computer
  • An LCD Projector
  • Education software as per CBSE curriculum

Music & Art Block


Audio visual Room

Audio-Visual Centre equipped with all modern gadgets including LCD Projector, TV facilities for Educational film shows, demo and educational programmes and Seminars are available for students as well as staff.


Sports Complex

Sports are important at AFBBS. The curriculum provides for 2-4 Classes a week of physical training for each pupil.
There is extra coaching for some sports beyond school hours also, which are :

  • Gymnastics
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball

Bank of Baroda

In order to facilitate the students and staffs of the school a bank on the name of Bank of Baroda (Extn. Counter) is available inside the school premises.



Students can Avail of the School Transport Subject to the Availability of Seats. The Routes of the School Buses are Drawn Up and the Parents Should Consult the School Transport In-charge for Necessary Details. Please Go Through the Following Bus Rules.

  • All Students Using the School Bus are Expected to be on the Right Side of the Bus Stop at Least Five Minutes Before the Arrival Time of the Bus.
  • The Buses will Not Wait for the Late Comers.
  • The Children Should Stay Away from the Main Road Until the Bus Arrives.
  • No Student Should Come Near the Entry Door of the Bus Until it has Halted Completely.
  • All Students Must Occupy the Available Seats Immediately After Boarding Their Bus.
  • The Front Door of the Bus is the Only Authorised Entrance and Exit.
  • The Drivers are Authorised to Stop Buses at the Designated Stop Only, Unless Otherwise Directed by the Bus Teacher. The List of Stops is Prepared Keeping in View the Convenience and Safety of all the Bus Commuters and is Subject to Change.
  • When the Bus is in Motion Students Must not Move Around in the Bus and No Part of Their Body Should be Outside the Bus.
  • Objects of Any Kind Must not be Discarded Inside or Thrown Out of the Bus.
  • Students will be Held Responsible for Any Damage to be Used Caused by Negligence or Vandalism.
  • No Student is Allowed to Eat in the Bus.
  • Discarding of Trash or Food Either Inside or Outside the Bus is Not Permitted. Courteous Behaviour is Expected at all Times.
  • The Driver’s Attention Must not be Distracted for Any Reason
  • The Bus Teachers and Student Bus Monitors are Responsible for Maintaining Discipline in the Bus. Any Serious Offence must be Reported to the Principal.
  • Bus Permit Cards must be Carried by All Those Who Commute by the School Bus. Students must Travel Only by the Bus Allotted to Them by the School.

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