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Evaluation System

Assessment and Promotion Rules

I. General Conditions
A. A student has to put in at least 75% of attendance during the year to become eligible to appear for the BoardExamination/Annual Examination.
B. Absence from test in one or more subjects involves the loss of marks/grades in these subjects and excludes the students from a rank, prizes and other awards. Students absent from an Examination will not be re-examined.
C. If a student has not been able to take an examination/assessment due to circumstances beyond his/her control and he/she has otherwise secured the required percentage of marks/grades in the other examinations, his/her promotion will be decided by the Principal.
D. If a student fails in the same class for two successive years, he/she will not be allowed to continue in the school.
E. The Principal, in exceptional cases, may also advise the parents/guardians to withdraw the child from the school.

The following is the Remodeled Assessment Structure effective from Academic Year 2017-18:

A. For Classes VI to VIII

Class VI-VIII Term-1 Term-2
PT1 July S.E.A. N.B. Mid-Term Exam (Sept) Total PT2 (Dec.) S.E.A. N.B. Annual Exam. (March) Total
40 40
10 05 05 80 100 10 05 05 80 100

PT – Periodic Test
SEA – Subject Enrichment Activity
NB – Notebook

B. For Class IX & X

The School will conduct three periodic written tests in the entire academic year and the average of the best two will be taken for the final assessment as follows:

Scholastic Areas Subject Name Periodic Test Notebooks Subject Enrichment Annual Examination Marks Obtained Grades
10 Marks 5 Marks 5 Marks 80 Marks* 100 Marks

*Board Examination for class X.
II. XI-There will be two Terminal Exams as well as Periodic Test Cycles. In order to be declared as “Passed” at the end of the academic session, a student must secure 33% marks in each of the subjects offered by him/her. Due weightage of the two Periodic Test will be given in the Final Assessment.

Periodic Test-1 Mid Term Exam. Periodic Test-2 Annual Exam Marks obtained
10 30 10 50 100

III.Senior Secondary (XII)
a.Students of Class XII who have to appear in the Board Examinations at the end of the year will appear in two Pre-Board Examinations to be held in December and January respectively. They will also have to take the first Terminal Examination like the other students.
b. For admission and the allotment of streams in Class XI, the results of the Class – X Board Examination will be taken into consideration.

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